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The Bitter Cup
I drink from the bitter cup
With the choking oil of prejudice
To quench my thirst.
I ask for a cooling drink
Of the water of freedom
To soothe my parching lips.
Instead they give me
The gall of oppression.
And the dreges are so bitter;
My god, they're bitter!
And they tell me I must drink and like it!
My soul burns within me
At the sight of that cup,
And every day the man
Within me stirs
And whispers, oh so clear:
" 'Tis better to die of thirst
Than drink forever from
The bitter cup."
                     - Bro. Cornelius V. Troup
Believe in Yourself
Believe in yourself, don't give up the fight
Just keep on struggling with all of your might,
Reslove that you will not yield in despair,
Your burdens, then, will be lighter to bear.
Believe in yourself, then work doubly hard
To acheive your goal despite every odd.
Faith in one's self and the will to succeed
Are the requisites that all of us need.
Believe in yourself and be not dismayed!
Take courage from those who have made the grade.
Keep monig on with a resolute will
And you'll reach the top of life's rugged hill.
                                             - Bro. Cornelius V. Troup
Calm down and sease from secret groans,
While you may lose a hard fought race,
THe sun will melt away your moans,
It rays and light will give you grace.
Cool down and cease from sweltering,
You cannot win all the time,
You'll always have a peltering,
No matter what your race or clime.
Rise up to face the common foe,
Surrender not your fate to him,
Perplexities of grief and woe
Can also s tare him with a grim.
Calm down, dejected soul of man,
And cease from whining all the time;
You have to fight in this short span,
If you must conquer, you must climb.
                                        -Bro. Nnamdi Azikiwe
To Sigma
Thy scattered sons with lofty hopes and aims,
Achieving greatness which the world proclaims,
Regarding life with tenderness sublime,
And with design which knows no race or clime,
Appeals to selfish man to serve and love
God's handiwork created from above;
Phi Beta Sigma stands this test for years
Supremely over blight and cringing fears.
With unflinching will that cannot fail,
The sacred cause advances to prevail.
Give us the conscience staunch and spirit brave,
To master stormy sea and angry wave,
And as the curtain falls o'er this brief life,
We'll march triumphant from this din and strife.
                                                               -Bro. Ben Nnamdi Azikiwe

Black Man, do you know who I am? My spirit flows through everything that stands. I am the foundation of what is, was, and what will be. If not for me mankind would not exist, no, don't look in the history books for you will not see.

Black Man, do you know who I've been? The history of us as a people is one of stature and greatness, not filth and sin. My back has been broken again and again, yet still I stand tall. The power that flows through my veins topples the biggest walls.

Black man, do you know what we can be? Not only can we once again achieve this level of greatness, but we must begin to re build the Black Family. We can no longer turn our backs on helping to raise our young. We must refer to our majestic past and strive to shine as bright as the sun.

Black Man, do you know where we are? We are at a crossroads with the path to righteousness ever so close, but still too far. With love in our hearts and the fear of God in our minds. With the music of our souls, we shall rise.

Brother Terrell Campbell
Zeta Lambda Chapter
Fall 1994
University of Hartford

With rebirth and a coming of age
We have arrived at this, our maturing stage.
With eager renewal and ambitious drive,
We keep the Dreams of Taylor, Morse, and Brown Alive;
Exploring the caverns of uncertainty, We find Blueprints of the Past: Treading
the oceans
of negativity, We triumph with skills that shall for ever last.
In Sigma we shall walk and talk with ever truthful tongue
Bearing this special gift to treasure,
We pass it to the old and to the young.
Like a precious metal with polish applied,
It will shine as bright as it was
For What it Is, is What It will Always Be
My Phi Beta, My Glorious Fraternity.

Bro. Kevin C. Leysath
Kappa Zi Chapter
#8, 1986
November 2nd, 1994

Shame on a Brother who pledged his all but commits the cardinal sin, for he is not an asset to the organization the organization is an asset to him

Shame on a Brother who does no work to help his chapter build, but he sits in his blue room, with blue lights, on his blue bed, drinks blue juice, wearing his blue letters, he chills.

Shame on a Brother who shows no shame and learns to live with the stigma, Sigma taught him all he knows about time value, now he has no time for Sigma.

Shame on a Brother who is a member, but not active and does not realize what’s at stake for when too many Brothers lean on the shield, the shield will eventually break.

Shame on a Brother for he is not a true Brother when most needed, his pledging stopped. There is no difference between an inactive Brother, and another who pledged and dropped.

Bro. Martin Roache
Beta Iota Chapter
Fall 1992
The Heart of A Sigma Man
The heart of a Sigma is cunning, bold, loving, and true.
Not red, pink, or green but the extravagant ROYAL BLUE.
It's as beautiful as the sky on a clear summer night.
The cresent moon and stars; the coalition of BLUE and WHITE.
The heart of Sigma is challenged daily and is often misunderstood.
But still won't be denied the title of the Epitome of Finer Womenhood.
Our bond is inexplicable, there is none greater.
The heart of a Sigma is none other than a ZETA.

Bro. Dedric Brown
" Warlock"
Fall 1995
My New Found Family

You nourished me from an infant child
with your warm and tender touch,
Never imagining, that even then
I would love the Blue and White such;
And as I grew older, I met another half
the brothers I had never known,
They opened my eyes and filled me with joy
a world I'd thought moved on.

Continuing a journey through joy and pain
you never would let me stray;
true Brothers and Sisters the Blue and White
for me will ever stay.
Through good and bad and weak and strong
times we all eventually see,
if ever you need a helping hand
the Blue and White will always be.

A Sister or Brother, a Husband or Wife
A Mother or Father to be
I will HONOR you so, forever in my heart

Soror Jessica "VIBE" Key
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Lovely Lambda Nu
Georgia State University
March 3, 1997
Blue Love
You learned the history of the Sigma man,
said you were willing to give a hand.
That doesn't mean sitting back,
waiting for someone new to crack!

If your heart is true to Blue,
you'll start to help our persue.
Get up, get out, get on your feet,
it's time to hear a new heart beat.

"Culture for Service and Service to Humanity"
that is how we help our family.
With our own: blood, sweat and tears,
that is how we can end the fears.

This is why I pledged my all,
so that you don't slip and fall.
But if you have what it takes,
give your place for flakes.

The torch is passed to you my friend,
please don't let the legacy end.
Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service to mankind,
through Phi Beta Sigma that's what you'll find.

Now you know how I feel,
the love I show you know is real.
This fraternity means a lot to me,
loyalty from me you'll always see.

Bro. Jason Van Horn
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Iota Alpha Chapter
University of Montana


These poems are copywritten and were taken from the Sigma Light and Crescent Magazine.